BSides Reykjavik 2024 CFP

We are excited to announce BSides Reykjavik Fall 2024 CFP, our third CFP ever, taking place on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024. Please provide your details below and make sure you provide enough context and details so our review committee has a clear picture of what the participants will get out of your talk. Last time, we had to decline the proposal because the CFP entry was too high-level, and it wasn't clear what the participants would get out of it.
We are looking for technical, positive, upbeat, and solution-oriented talks. Highlighting a vulnerability is great; including details on how to defend against it is even better. We also love talks on best practices and general or specific defense tactics.
We are open to all sorts of entries, but if your entry isn't selected, please be professional and graceful when you get our notice.

You can enter proposals until 2024-07-07 09:00 (UTC), 3 weeks from now.